Castings by Rodney Storie
formerly available from Frontier Armory

This is an unoffical copy based on information first received by e-mail in 2005 and updated in early 2006.

These are as cast and considerable machining is required to produce a rifle. The cast springs shipped with some kits will require special heat treating. Small parts such as screws and pins must be purchased or made.

Internet posts from early 2009 claim Storie is no longer producing castings. However, posts from mid 2010 claim The Rifle Shoppe in Oklahoma intends to again produce these.

                   Price of castings, U.S. $

Rem #1 RB Plain Trigger, SST, DST                      200 to 250
Rem #3 Hepburn 1879 Plain & DST                        210 to 260
Rem #7 RB (pistol rifle)                               200
Rem 1871 Army Pistol and Target Pistol                 190
Sharps 1874 DST straight or Pistol Grip                320
Sharps 1878 Borchardt paneled receiver                 220
Winchester 1885 Plain or DST                           220 to 280
Marlin Ballard Plain or DST on pistol grip frame       220 to 280
Farrow 1884                                            220
Farrow 1887                                            220
Phoenix 1874 Plain, SST, or DST                        190 to 250
Deely & Edge 1883                                      300
Gibbs Farquharson 1877 ( side safety)                  310
Jeffery Farquharson 1895 ( top tang safety)            330
Webly-Wyley 1879                                       200
D S Cole 1884                                          180
Stevens 44 1/2 DST                                     280
Wesson #1 Midrange 1877                                200
Redfield 1889 DST                                      280
Swiss Martini DST                                      250
Zettler DST                                            260
Farrow DST                                             280
Lechner DST                                            300
Westly-Richards 1897                                   330
Hubalek Conversion (Ballard receiver only)              80
   "   Kit (minus Ballard Receiver and Tang)           110

            List of Mechanical drawings for Kit Buyers

Peep Sights

  Ballard short Range Tang Sight
  Ballard Mid range Tang Sight
  Ballard Long range Tang Sight
  Soule Tang Sight Long Range
  Soule Tang Sight Mid range

No. 1 Rolling Block

  Plain trigger straight grip 
  Barrel sight grip
  Buttstock , pistol grip, shotgun
  Sporting butt, straight
  Gove conversion lever action
  Triggerguard group, PG, Plain
  Triggerguard group, ST, DS
  Triggerguard group,ST,Set
  Triggerguard group, ST,Plain
  Hammer & Breechblock group
  Receiver group 
  Pistol grip, shotgun butt
  Double-set, straight grip

Farrow ( 87)

  Rifle w/Schuetzen butt stock
  Rifle w/shotgun butt stock
  Breechblock group
  Receiver group I
  Receiver group II
  Trigger plate group
  Schuetzen buttstock, forend
  Shotgun buttstock

Marlin Ballard

  Plain trigger, shotgun butt
  Double-set trigger, Schuetzen
  Breechblock, plain trigger
  Breechblock, double-set
  Receiver group
  Double-set trigger assembly
  Breechblock, plain trigger
  Breechblock, double-set
  Breechblock,.22 rimfire
  Stock group 1
  Stock group 2
  Stock group 3

Sharps 1874

  Main assembly
  Trigger plate group
  Sidelock group
  Lock and trigger plate Assy’s
  Receiver group
  Breechblock & Sight groups
  Buttplates & Patchbox
  Stock group

Remington Hepburn

  Assembly-Plain Trigger
  Assembly-Double-set trigger
  Guard plate group
  Double-set trigger group
  Receiver group
  Receiver & Breechblock group
  Stock group- Hunting rifle
  Stock group- Schuetzen

Winchester Singleshot 

  Highwall assembly
  Tang-double-set trigger
  Tang groups
  Breech & Lever Assembly
  Wood & Buttplate for
  Extractor for 
  Take down system
  Hammer fly
  Style A. take down system-No.3 Receiver pgs.1-4 
  DST, PG Dimensions
  ST, Staight grip dimensions

Sharps Borchardt 1878

  Assembly Cuttaway & Parts legend
  Receiver group
  Receiver and Breechblock group
  A. O. Zischang double trigger
  Buttstock, barrel, forend
  Frank J. Zika double trigger