Apple Pie Recipe


1/4 C         flour
1/4 C         brown sugar
1/2 t         cinnamon
1/8 t         mace
dash          ginger
dash          nutmeg
4 to 6        apples — about 2¼ lb before peeling


This is for a 9 inch pie pan. Fit the crust of your choice to the pan. Peel the apples and slice into segments about 3/16 inch thick. Mix the other ingredients in a bowl and pour over the sliced apples. Mix this all together with your hands until the sugar and spice mix is coating all the slices. Add some water if the apples feel dry; the mix should not clump on the slices.

Place the apples in the crust and cover with a sheet of aluminum foil in which you've cut 4 two inch long vents. Try to form a tent with the foil so that the apples do not stick to the foil. If in a shiny, metal pie pan, cook about 65 minutes at 425 F; if in glass, cook about 52 minutes. Serve warm.


I like apple pie, but I'm not fond of the typical apple pie, where much of the filling is a thick, sweet goo. I find the apples themselves, with a bit of spice and sugar, are all that is needed for a good pie. I looked over several recipes. Only one, copied from some cook book by a friend, seemed at all close to what I wanted; and I began with that recipe, changing proportions until I was pleased with the result.

I still don't make my own crust. I use the Pillsbury refrigerator crusts. One of these will need to be brought to room temperature before starting. I find it best to cook this crust for 4 minutes at 425 F before placing the apples in it. Also, the bottom layer of apples should not be crowded flat onto the crust; leave some gaps so the crust has a chance to cook through.

All the spices used are of the "ground" version. If mace isn't on hand, use more nutmeg instead.

I prefer Granny Smith apples, but Pink Lady works well. I nibble off the remaining fruit on each apple core to gauge the sweetness of the apples. At times, I've used up to 1/2 C of sugar to compensate for poor apples.